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Dear Patient!

симфония главный врач стоматологOur clinic is founded in 2011. It was known as General Therapeutic Clinic. Today we are Dental Surgery Slinic Symfony. Clinic specializes in the dental implantation and oral surgical operations. With it Clinic offers services of orthodontics, therapy, periodontology and aesthetic stomatology. All surgeries are performed under local or general anesthesia. Vitaly Shramenko, which is the dentist-surgeon, leads the Clinic. He has more than 20 years of work experience. Vitaly Shramenko enhanced his skills in Germany, Austria,Switzerland, Russia and Belorussia.  You meet here solid and friendly team of dentists, worthy masters in their fields. 
We work according to the principles of collegiality. We always say “WE” at work


We work to help more people independently of age, social state, health status;

We use modern diagnostic methods, planning and medication, computer tomography, different computer programs of planning of operation, including templates;

We mastered different methods of teeth restoration at the best European school of dental surgery and orthopedics. We use Classic method of implantation and restoration of toothless jaw “all-on-4” , “all-on-6”, method of Basal implantation. Moreover, we have a great experience in operations of bone plastics and plastics of soft tissue;

Choosing the method, we base on results of modern diagnostics, collected anamnesis, health of oral cavity, including amount of bone tissue,  general somatic diseases, lifestyle, test results, patient`s wishes.

Planning the treatment, we consider patient`s  preferences. However, we choose only those procedures and syrgical operations, which conform to The Clinic Protocol and give our patients the best result. In this way we give optional benefits and method of treatment conform to The Clinic Protocol.

We prefer qualitative, well-tried and certified implants of worldwide reputation;

We work with result orientation, completed restoration of decayed or lost teeth;

We also work with the most complicated cases;

We are responsible for patient`s health and treatment results. (Link of The Guarantee)

We are always attentive and careful about our patients. Thank you for your choice and future recommendations.



Address of Symphony clinic

We are here

Ukraine, Kyiv,
Voznesenskii spusk st., 23v
2nd floor

Guest parking behind the building

Mon-Sat: 9:00-21:00

044 360 41 41
068 868 49 99