There are some clinic guarantees on services of teeth treatment and renovation:

  • orthopedic works have 2 year guarantee;
  • surgical works of implantation have 5 year guarantee;
  • therapeutic works (filling, restoration, endodontic treatment) have 1 year guarantee.

Warranty obligations provide a free work update during the warranty period.

Clinic is responsible for defect elimination of provided earlier services during warranty term. It will be implemented, if the patient follows some rules and obligations:

  • patient`s agreement with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor (it is about optimal number of implants in order
    to assure predicted result; rational prosthesis in order to renew chewing and phonetic function and achieve aesthetic value; appropriate plan of therapeutic and orthopedic manipulations);
  • following all doctor`s recommendations related to rehabilitation after surgery;
  • following rules of result usage of executed service, including orthopedic or orthodontic construction, renewed tooth etc.;
  • installation of permanent prosthesis in 12 months (no later) after operation in case of teeth restoration by the basal implantation method;
  • timely arrival to the clinic for treatment continuation;
  • immediate visiting the doctor (no later 3 days term) in case of defect detection, patient`s appeal to the clinic to eliminate some problems in warranty period.

Predicted examination and professional hygiene are paid services according to the approved price list for the day of providing of such service.

Guarantee obligations are ceased in the case of unfollowing at least one of the mentioned rules and conditions of effective and safe result usage of executed service. It means patient loses a right of imposing requirements related to defects of executed service in period of guarantee action because of violation of the rules and conditions of the effective and safe usage of the result of the provided service.

Guarantee obligations of the clinic are not applied to the following dental services:

  • repeated endodontic treatment;
  • temporary orthopedic constructions;
  • any bone plastic (sinus-lifting, augmentation of alveolar ridge, transplantation of autotransplant, etc.);
  • any other surgical operations (except of the implant installation).

Complications and other by-effects of medical intervention that appear as a result of anatomical features of the patient`s organism are not defects of dental services provided by specialists of the clinic if all services were executed with all requirements nominated for the services of this type.

In the case of rejection of the implant during the warranty period, if PATIENT complied with the requirements and rules, CLINIC performs a re-operation of the implant installation at its own expense.

The PATIENT pays for the implant removal and surgical consumables in accordance with the approved price list for the day such a provided service.

In the case of implant rejection occurs after the establishment of a permanent prosthesis, CLINIC renews the surgical implant installation service for free. PATIENT pays for prosthetics procedure 50% of its cost.

If PATIENT refuses to resume work (re-implantation) during the warranty period, paid amount will not be returned.

In the case of non-replantation of the bone as a result of the sinus-lifting or other bone plastics or plastic of soft tissue the amount of re-operation is covered by PATIENT.

Terms of warranty obligations execution obligations are set individually, but not longer than in the 30-day period from the moment of PATIENT`S appeal to the CLINIC.

Guarantee obligations of the clinic are not applied to the following cases:

  • the doctor has changed the treatment tactics on the PATIENT`S requirement or PATIENT`S rejection of recommended additional treatment or diagnostic by CLINIC;
  • implant rejection, damage of orthopedic, orthodontic structures as a result of jaw injuries;
  • prosthetics (installation of orthopedic constructions) on set implants at another dental clinic;
  • PATIENT`S non-following of obligations mentioned in the terms of Contract.

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