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Basal Implantation

Basal Implantation

More recently, Basal implantation is being successfully used in the dental surgery. So, what is Basal implantation, what are the main differences and advantages of this procedure?

What is Basal Implantation

Basal implantation is the type of dental implantation. It allows to restore teeth even in the most complicated cases, where the volume of bone tissue is not acceptable for using of Classic two-stage implants. The main advantage is that fully fixed dental prosthesis is set on the 3rd day.

Restoration of the lost teeth by Basal implantation includes 2 stages: surgical and orthopedic.

Surgical stage of Basal Implantation

Surgical stage implies installation of definite number of implants according to individual anatomical features and number of teeth will be restored. Under the Unitized Medical Protocol, fully restoring the upper jaw number of implants is 10-12;  fully restoring the lower jaw number of implants is 8-10.

Installed implants are subject to immediate strait of plastic-to- metal prosthesis during 72 hours.

Primary strait is to enable stability and fixing of implants. Also this stage is important for creating of condition to chewing, speaking, satisfaction of minimal aesthetic needs.

Primary prosthesis is considered to be surgical stage.

Orthopedic stage of Basal Implantation

Orthopedic stage is going after 6-12 months, depend on integration of implants (individual evaluation of doctor-orthopedist). This stage purpose is maximal fully restoration of anatomical shape of tooth alignment (no more 6 pairs of antagonists) for creating of condition to chewing, speaking, satisfaction of maximal aesthetic needs. Prosthesis is implemented by ceramic-metal construction. 6 teeth are able for prosthetics, 7-8 teeth are not able for prosthetics at this type of implantation.

What are the differences between Basal and Classic Implantations

  1. Using the method of Basal Implantation, there is no need to do other expansive and painful operations of the enlargement of tissue 
  2. базальная имплантацияbone. If there is substantial jaw atrophy, our surgeon dentist selects basal implants of the appropriate design and size provided to safe fixation of implants after their installation. If the volume of tissue bone is not appropriate, implants are being installed angle wise with fixation in the cortical part of the jaw, by method from the practice of general traumatology and orthopedics.
  3. As a rule, basal implants are being installed without cutting and stitches. Their fixation is at the most deep tissues not liable to resorption. This method allows to stanch after-operation period, to reduce the risk of implant rejection to the minimum even for patients with periodontitis or general somatic diseases.
  4. In contrast to Classic, Basal implantation implies the immediate strait of prosthesis construction. In this way, chewing, phonetics functions and aesthetic needs are being restored almost at once after the operation.
  5. Significant patient’s time saving. Patient may use “new teeth” in a 2-3 days after implantation.
  6. Resistance to infections. Surface of the implants has special cover, that prevent peri-implantitis.
  7. It is the appropriate method for patients with diabetes and other endocrine diseases.

However, this method has some disadvantages. It is not possible to achieve aesthetics by this prosthesis. “New teeth” differs from natural teeth in width, thickness, length because loss of teeth characterized by horizontal and vertical resorption of bone.

виды базальных имплантов стоматологияAs the practice and clinic researches show restoration of the teeth is the most favourable for people older 55 years; for smokers; for patients with all lost teeth on the lower jaw; for patients with diabetes; patients with other endocrine diseases. Basal implantation is only alternative to Classic implantation.  

Possibility of basal implants using is determined by dental surgeon. Doctor analyzes the results of patient`s computer tomography, dental examination, learns  anamnesis according to individual anatomical features of patient, his/her lifestyle and acceptable time for treatment.

In our practice we use Swiss basal implants IHDE DENTAL certified and registered in Ukraine.

Integrated basal implants do not have particular term of service. There are some clinic cases where basal implants are functioning more than 25 years. This term depends on general health status, some diseases, bad habits, implants care etc.

Healthy lifestyle, regular examination at the surgeon dentist, professional and home care of oral cavity – all of this points is the pledge of implants’ long life.

Price of Basal Implantation

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Implant installation: BCS IHDE DENTAL, basal implant made in Switzerland

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