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What is the method “all-on-6”

What is the method “all-on-6”

This method was created basing on Protocol “all-on-4”. Restoration of the lost teeth on the lower jaw by method “all-on-6” is the installation of 6 implants on the lower jaw and fixation of 12 crowns prosthesis.  

There is 6 implants used (that is why “all-on-6” name). 2 implants are vertically installed in the front part, 2 implants are installed on each side with 45-degrees angle. In this way the number of abutments are enlarged, thus ensures more safe fixation of teeth.

How do we operate by this method

This procedure is recommended for patients with toothless upper jaw.

Implantation “all-on-6” allows to restore the lost teeth in the short time, to achieve maximal aesthetics and functionality. In addition, it is the economical method.

имплантация зубов в Киеве методом All-on-6

How much does it cost to do operation by this method

Name of service Price, ₴

Restoration of toothless upper jaw by method “all-on-6”

93 000,00

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