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At the present days, a beautiful smile is not only white well-ordered teeth. This is your status in the community!

Open nature, self-confidence and tenderness, sense of taste – all of these qualities may be read on your smile!

It is nicely to look at smiled people, such people always have a charm.

Dental surgery clinic Symfony proposes a wide spectrum of orthodontic services:

  • trainer usage for removal bad habits and myofunctional block in babies;
  • removable devices (dental plate) for adjustment of crib biting.

Occlusion abnormality may be caused by inheritance, pregnancy features. Very important is a duration and process of breast-feeding (hole dimension of breast nipple, baby head posture); illnesses (rechetis, adenoids, deflection of nasal septum, enlarged tonsils; some bad habits ( finger sucking, sucking of cheeks, lips, rubber niple and other subjects, sleeping with throwed head, sleeping with knuckles above the cheeks, bad posture etc). Food is also important.

Fortunately, we can influence jaw developing by removable dental plates, eliminating pathology.

  • usage of bracket-system for adults treatment (metal, ceramic, sapphire).   

Metal bracket-systems

In spite of the bracket-system obsolescense, it stays really popular and wide-used method in the present days. Efficiently and easy for using are definite advantages of it. The wide assortment of metal  bracket-systems attracts a great number of patients and doctors too. Exterior appearance of modern bracket-systems differences from the earlier systems. Modern devices have smaller size and other shapes. The main advantage of metal systems before others is the minimal friction force between groove and arc. Duration of treatment depends on arc size. Metal bracket-systems are made of rustless iron, titanium or nickel-titanium alloy. The main disadvantage of this method is in its visibility on the teeth in comparisons to other types of system.

Name of service Price, ₴
Metal bracket-system 4 800,00

Ceramic bracket-systems
Fabrication of ceramic bracket-systems are more difficult. It is made of  multi-crystalline aluminium oxide, which is very durable. Laser processing of the bracket cover promotes reliable fixation to the tooth surface. Ceramic bracket-systems looks really aesthetically-pleasing. The colour of brackets is similar to the teeth colour. Thank to it bracket system is almost invisible to others.

Arcs, which are adapted to this system, may be either metallic or aesthetic ( of white colour).

Name of service Price, ₴
Ceramic bracket-system (USA) 8 500,00

Sapphirine bracket-systems

Sapphirine bracket-systems belongs to ceramic bracket-systems. They made of monocrystal of artificial sapphire. They are transparent, invisible and look really attractive.

–         Using invisible capps, if you don’t have other variants because of work or some occasions;

–         Fabrication of capps from bruxism, sport capps.

You may register a visit to get more information. With pleasure we will learn your situation and find individual approach to your child! We will be glad to help you!

Name of service   Price, ₴
Sapphirine bracket-system (USA) 9 300,00


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